Monday, January 10, 2011

An End and a Beginning

Death has a way of making you stop and think. Unfortunately life does not let you do either. Everything just keeps moving, it seems at an alarming rate.

I wanted to start this blog to write down the numerous stories and thoughts I have in my head about my life with my husband and two girls, all E's btw (now you know my secret behind the title), but life and death has it's way of shifting your focus when you least expect it.

My Grandfather passed away on Thursday, January 6th, 2011. He was very loved and will be greatly missed. I hope that I can find my sense of self again soon. Right now I am lost and am finding it hard to find my way.

I know this is not the best beginning, but I have learned that with every ending is a new beginning. So it just seemed a fitting start. At least it gives me a place to put those thought I find hard sharing some place. Whether they are read by anyone, no matter. Just getting them out of my head has helped, even just a small bit.



  1. Ren, is this your blog? I lost you some time ago, but when I went looking this is what I found. Have missed you and your first E. If this is the Ren I visited with before, I think you quit blogging about the time your second E made her entrance in this world. Let me know if this is or is not you:)

  2. Yes, this is my new blog. I haven't written, but I got away for a little bit and really needed an outlet. Haven't written much, but it'll get there.

  3. Still waiting:) Babies do that to you, they just take all of your spare time:)

  4. Ren, do you ever come here any more? I look for you occasionally and never see you. The girls have to be so big now. Evie in school? I would love to read more from you. You were such a good writer. I hope you do return. If you ever do, please let me know.